Sports and Leisure LED Lighting

sports and leisure led lighting

Sports and Leisure LED Lighting Solutions

Whether you’re playing at an elite level or simply trying to stay in shape, you know that training hard requires the right tools and equipment. And when it comes to getting results, it also helps to have the proper lighting conditions and environment to give you the edge over your competition or simply motivate you to keep going during those long hours of practice or training.

That’s why many facilities have started using performance lighting solutions in their gyms, stadiums, and recreation centres to boost their athletes’ results and their overall experience of being there.

Lighting can impact the performance of athletes in many ways and thus it is an important factor to consider when designing sports and leisure environments. Whether you’re looking to increase reaction time or maximise productivity, the right lighting can make all the difference.

Lighting up your sporting facility with high performance energy-efficient LED lighting is not only environmentally friendly, but it can also have a positive impact on the quality of your play, as well as the safety of your players and visitors. Whether you are looking to cut down on costs or boost player performance.

Luxultra works hard to provide our customers with high performance and energy efficient lighting solutions for their recreation centres, gyms, stadiums and playgrounds. We’re members of the LIA and Made in Britain, to ensure the quality and performance of our products.

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Sports and Leisure LED Lighting


Designed to replace traditional lowbay, highbay and T5 luminaires energy savings can be in excess of 60%.

Ultra LEDBAY Pro-Connect

Additional wireless communication lighting system, share information on occupancy, activity patterns and daylight levels.

Ultra LEDBAY Climate IP65
Ultra Climate IP LEDBAY

Ultra Climate IP LEDBAY is an IP65 High Performance energy efficient LED Lowbay Luminaire utilising the latest driver, LED board and lens technology

Ultra LEDBAY Pro

Further optimising potential energy savings by harvesting the natural daylight to regulate the light output.

Ultra LEDBAY Advanced

Further increased energy savings with integrated PIR Sensor which detects not only movement but and maintain a specified lux level.

non-corrosive led lighting

A robust, non-corrosive style luminaire with polycarbonate body and diffuser retained by stainless steel clips.


A robust, universal highbay fixture. Die-cast housing with a polycarbonate lens and fixing hook for suspension.


Design and construction allows for direct replacement of traditional fluorescent batten fittings.