Non-Corrosive LED Lighting

non-corrosive led lighting

Non-Corrosive Industrial LED Lighting


Industrial LED Lighting


A robust, non-corrosive style luminaire with polycarbonate body and diffuser retained by stainless steel clips.

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Key Features

  • Polycarbonate Body and Diffuser.
  • Rear mounted steel suspension brackets are supplied for ease of installation and an IP65 Gland positioned at the end of the product for power entry.
  • 4ft/5ft/6ft Variants


Low level industrial mezzanines, workshops, commercial garages, corridors and storage rooms.



CodeTypeWattsLumens (lm)Colour TemperatureSize (L)Size (W)Size (H)IP Rating
LXAQ41/24/8404FT SINGLE24W28004000K1260mm71mm70mmIP65
LXAQ42/40/8404FT TWIN40W48004000K1260mm117mm70mmIP65
LXAQ51/36/8405FT SINGLE36W43204000K1560mm71mm70mmIP65
LXAQ52/60/8405FT TWIN60W72004000K1560mm117mm70mmIP65
LXAQ61/40/8406FT SINGLE40W48004000K1870mm100mm102mmIP65
LXAQ62/70/8406FT TWIN70W84004000K1870mm100mm102mmIP65

Options: Add the below suffix to order.

/DALI – Dali Dimming

/M3 – Emergency

/MWS – Microwave Sensor (End Fit)

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Our services

On-site Survey Analysis

Initial client consultation to identify the design brief and what the customer needs to achieve from their lighting installation. Organise a site meeting with the relevant parties, conduct a site survey with plans and drawings to allow us to propose the best solution to meet the criteria.

Lighting Design Calculation

Utilising RELUX software to produce lighting design calculations specific to each area of the Project. These are calculated and designed to meet the specific lighting requirements to CIBSE or the provided Project Specification issued by the Consultant.​

Energy Saving Report

In-depth payback analysis which includes energy savings, C02 and return on investment specifically for the Project.

Luminaire Commissioning

Delivering full project managed solutions and commissioned by our own engineers or a specific Connected Lighting system partner Commissioning Engineer. As we are manufacturer’s we can offer to pre-set a selection of the performance and time-out parameters of the lighting control sensors at the factory prior to delivery. Therefore saving time on the installation of the luminaires and reduced hours on site Commissioning.

ROI Analysis

Compile real time data log results and identify achievable savings using the actual working hours and electricity costs of the client. Allowing all to be confident in the performance of selected system.

Warranty Support

Our luminaires are independently and fully tested by our supply partners at their facilities to ensure a full luminaire system warranty can be supported by ourselves and their ‘after-sales’ team if necessary.