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Industrial Lighting Solutions: 3 Reasons to Use LED Lights

Did you know that industrial lighting has a dramatic impact on the productivity, focus, memory span, and health of workers? While lighting is often considered just another maintenance hassle, it can actually make or break your company’s bottom line.

If you’re looking for industrial lighting solutions, you want something that provides perfect illumination without breaking the bank. You also want something that doesn’t require frequent replacement. With all these factors in mind, you can’t beat LED industrial lighting.

If you’re considering industrial LED lighting, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be going over all the benefits of industrial LED lights and why you should consider installing them today!

1. LED Lighting Saves Money

LED lights use 75 to 80 per cent less energy than other types of lamps. This means they draw less power and can dramatically reduce your energy bill. In fact, households that switch to LED lighting reported saving an average of £232 a year on their electric bills!

When considering industrial light fixtures as opposed to residential, the savings will scale with your business. The more industrial LED lights you install, the greater your savings will be.

And, because LED lights draw less power, they last a lot longer. This means you’ll have to perform less maintenance and order fewer replacement lamps.

If your business is looking to slash your monthly bills without sacrificing lighting quality, you can’t beat LED lights from Luxultra. Our cutting edge and high tech designs draw far less power and waste less energy, and you’ll notice the difference when you get your next energy bill.

2. Environmentally Friendly Lighting

Industrial ceiling lights can have a severe impact on the environment. They draw a lot of power and give off a lot of heat, both of which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

A standard tungsten filament lamp is only 5% energy efficient, meaning that it converts only 5% of its energy supply into light. The rest is wasted primarily as heat. Fluorescent lamps are 25% energy efficient.

LED industrial lights, however, are 30% energy efficient. In laboratory settings, 60% efficiency has been reached.

These figures only improve with the quality of the lamps. So, when you use a sustainable brand with high-quality components like Luxultra, not only will you be saving money on your energy bills, but you’ll also be having a dramatic positive impact on the environment.

3. Broad Range of LED Lighting Solutions

In years gone by, LED lighting evoked images of harsh, headache-causing, white light. Now, there is a multitude of LED industrial lighting solutions that can make your building feel inviting and comfortable.

Modern industrial LED lights are innovative and stylish and can give off a variety of moods and tones. If you need bright, clinical lights, those are available. If you want a softer and friendlier golden glow, this is also an option with LED lights.

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Industrial Lighting


Designed to replace traditional lowbay, highbay and T5 luminaires energy savings can be in excess of 60%.

Ultra LEDBAY Pro-Connect

Additional wireless communication lighting system, share information on occupancy, activity patterns and daylight levels.

Ultra LEDBAY Climate IP65
Ultra Climate IP LEDBAY

Ultra Climate IP LEDBAY is an IP65 High Performance energy efficient LED Lowbay Luminaire utilising the latest driver, LED board and lens technology

Ultra LEDBAY Pro

Further optimising potential energy savings by harvesting the natural daylight to regulate the light output.

Ultra LEDBAY Advanced

Further increased energy savings with integrated PIR Sensor which detects not only movement but and maintain a specified lux level.

Ultra Linear

Sleek linear design, with a compact and lightweight steel body.

non-corrosive led lighting

A robust, non-corrosive style luminaire with polycarbonate body and diffuser retained by stainless steel clips.


A robust, universal highbay fixture. Die-cast housing with a polycarbonate lens and fixing hook for suspension.


Design and construction allows for direct replacement of traditional fluorescent batten fittings.