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If you work in the healthcare field, you know that more and more Departments are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accommodate their patient’s schedules and reduce waiting times. 

But what you may not realise is that even during any off or closed hours, some healthcare providers are using excessive amounts of energy because they have outdated lighting systems in place that don’t make efficient use of occupancy sensors, controls and natural daylight. Some of these benefits not being previously available with old types of light sources.

The benefits of LEDs in healthcare settings can be seen in many examples: long lifespans, reduced energy consumption, increased visibility levels and improved visual comfort. 

It is clear that LEDs are now entering mainstream lighting applications in healthcare. Based on an initial investment (costs associated with retrofitting or building new facilities), they bring savings to service providers in several ways including reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs and therefore lower operating expenses – ongoing.

Performance, manufactured LED lighting products are one of the most efficient types of lighting available today, and that makes them an ideal choice for energy-conscious businesses like hospitals.

LED’s use about 75% less energy than traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs and last significantly longer.

So not only do LEDs save you money on your energy bills, they actually help you protect the environment at the same time!

The LED lighting products offered and supplied by LUXULTRA Lighting provide many benefits to healthcare organisations, including greater energy efficiency and the ability to customise the type of lighting that best suits your department needs.

Our product Warranty, Memberships of Made In Britain and The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) ensure peace of mind when choosing your lighting

At Luxultra, we manufacture energy-efficient LED lighting products that can drastically reduce the amount of energy you’re using to light your interior spaces, without compromising on the quality of light that staff and patients require to work and see properly. 

These levels are mandatory as listed within the British Standards.

We can support you further with a Return On Investment calculation (ROI) based upon current lighting Vs new or retro-fit LED Products. With ever-increasing energy costs, this will save money as well as reducing your carbon footprint and remaining compliant.

By reducing your carbon footprint, you not only benefit from reduced energy costs but also contribute to a more sustainable world.

By installing Luxultra’s energy-efficient products in your healthcare establishment, you can reduce energy consumption and related costs without compromising on high quality illumination.

Explore our product portfolio below or call us today for more information about how we can help transform your workplace into an environmentally-friendly, efficient, welcoming, safe one.

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Listed Supplier In The NHS Procurement Directory

Are you looking to increase the energy efficiency of your lighting system in your NHS building?  With the NHS Procurement directory, it’s easy to find all the listed contractors in your area. Luxultra is a listed performance LED Lighting supplier here to support the NHS.

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Healthcare LED Lighting Solutions

led panel lighting

A high performance, Low Glare Control, back-lit recessed panel with micro-prismatic diffuser.

LED Recessed Lighting Panel

A high performance, back-lit recessed panel with opal diffuser.

surface LED lighting

An energy efficient, professional, aesthetically contoured surface luminaire.

Buckingham Surface Luminaire.

An energy-efficient, professional, LED surface luminaire.

Quad Pro LED Panel
Quad Pro

A high performance, Low Glare Control, back-lit recessed panel with micro-prismatic diffuser.

linear led lighting

A range of architectural LED linear luminaires for commercial interiors.


A recessed, low profile, opal commercial downlight family with a choice of three cut-out sizes and lumen outputs.