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connected led lighting

Connected LED lighting Solutions

Connected Lighting

A smart lighting system enables your lighting to operate automatically in a way that benefits users and keeps energy consumption to an absolute minimum. 

Add Lighting to Your Smart Building Systems.

Many operations already use smart technology to control security, audio/visual displays, machinery, and HVAC systems. Luxultra Lighting use technology driven components to provide smart commercial lighting or smart warehouse lighting.

Smart lighting is programmed to respond automatically to variables such as the time of day, the current lighting level, or signs of occupation in an interior space. By upgrading your lighting to take account of these variables, the smart system is able to ensure lights are never left on when not needed, or that there is insufficient lighting when it’s needed.

Suitable for Factories, Warehouses, Retail Facilities and More.

Smart factories and smart industrial lighting is growing in popularity, as business owners appreciate the benefits that dynamic lighting can bring. A smart lighting system can be installed in almost any commercial or industrial premises. Flexible, convenient and responsive, modern smart lighting is designed to meet the demands of 21st Century business.

Connected Lighting Systems Incorporate Advanced Energy Monitoring.

One of the main benefits that wireless Connected Lighting Systems offer is the ability to responsibly test and record emergency lighting, energy consumption, building occupancy air quality and data analytics through a wireless, encrypted cloud solution.  This can be monitored or viewed via an App, Tablet or PC.

Keeping energy consumption as low as possible is necessary to keep overheads low and also to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

Using Luxultra’s smart lighting solutions allows this to be achieved and can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.


Connected and bespoke LED lighting

Our continuing provision of SMART Connected Lighting solutions for Projects has moved onto another level.

My thanks to Scott Fowler Holders Technology for his support in configuring our CUSTOM FIXTURE ID Casambi Technologies Oy node over the past few days in preparation for our production of 500pcs of bespoke, tuneable white, dimmable gear trays for a prestige exhibition hall.

Configuring the nodes ahead of production ensures that all the clients operating parameters are locked in and that the products can be tested ‘as installed’ at our factory.

Reducing the Commissioning time needed on site following installation.

A winning combination of Signify Philips SR LED Drivers, Philips TW LED Boards, Casambi Technologies Oy nodes and LUXULTRA know-how.

Bespoke LED lighting

White Cube Contemporary Art Gallery London


To Upgrade Existing Lighting in Barrisol Ceiling to LED Tuneable White and Smart Wireless Controls for exhibition studios reducing power and temperature.

What was done

Designed and built a bespoke geartray which housed the latest Philips TW Fortimo LED Boards and Xitanium TW Dali driver along with LEDIL optical Lens Technology and a Casambi Bluetooth node to control and set colour change scenes using the wireless APP.

Retrofit LED lighting

Network Rail New Street Station Birmingham


Upgrade existing Lighting package in concourse areas due to driver and module failures for higher Lumen package.

What was done

Upgraded existing products from 2,000lm package to 3,000lm package using the latest Philips Fortimo DLM LED Chip and Xitanium Dali dimmable driver Technology, relocated driver to reduce fitting temperature and replaced the existing fixing bracket for a longer version to allow flexibility when installing due to uneven ceiling design.

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