Connected Lighting Solutions

Intelligent Advanced Connected Lighting Technology

Connected Lighting

This system allows reliable illumination along with a high quality smart communications platform being part of the services infrastructure that offers so much more than just lighting the area.

Connected Lighting Fixtures

These can be individually identified collated into a group or groups and then become integrated with the IT network of a building to share information about their status or operation.

Connected Workspace

Produced with integral sensors each fixture becomes a point of data intelligence within the building to be shared on occupancy, workforce operating patterns, lighting levels, daylight harvesting optimisation.

Connected Personnel

When integrated within the building's infrastructure and primary services, wireless communication sensors allow your business to control the working environment and optimise productivity by adapting to the needs and preferences of your operation.

Connected Dashboard

Intelligent lighting software allows management teams to monitor and utilise the lighting system in real time. Allowing your business to store, visualise and conduct accurate analysis of the fixtures performance and operation.

Intelligent and Advanced Connected Lighting Products


Designed to replace traditional lowbay, highbay and T5 luminaires energy savings can be in excess of 60%.

Ultra LEDBAY Pro

Further optimising potential energy savings by harvesting the natural daylight to regulate the light output.

Ultra LEDBAY Pro-Connect

Additional wireless communication lighting system, share information on occupancy, activity patterns and daylight levels.

Ultra LEDBAY advanced

Further increased energy savings with integrated PIR Sensor which detects not only movement but and maintain a specified lux level.

Savings Comparison Calculator

Warehouse Lighting Usage

Hours Per DayHours Per WeekWeeks Per YearAnnual Hours
Conventional lowbay

Existing Installation 400W Lowbay

Lamp ConfigurationPower (W)QTYAnnual KWhCO2(KG)Electricity Cost (Kwh)Annual Cost
400W HPI440202288011356.7168£0.15£3,432.00

Proposed ultra LEDBAY Installation

Lamp ConfigurationPower (W)QTYAnnual KWhCO2(KG)Electricity Cost (Kwh)Annual Cost

savings Made

Total Savings Using Ultra LEDBAY % Savings Over Existing Installation
£2600.00 65.00%

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